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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cheesecake Bites

I love cheesecake, but you know that they are not that lovable at all once you have finished a slice of it. Right? I love the softness, and the crust. I am not sure whether the cheesecakes I have tasted are perfect, or baked right. Anyway, I do not know how to prepare one. I am just always satisfied looking at people preparing for me and just eat afterwards. :D

Here is one that I have found online, Tumblr specifically. I got the website and good that we have the recipe.Thanks to Saratso.

Blackberry Cheesecake Bites
Just one bite
And I'd like to prepare this too. If you want the recipe, you can click the link above of Saratso or visit our Recipe page.

Enjoy and Crave

Friday, October 21, 2011

Fruits on Cake

Just yesterday, we posted about fruits on ice creams. Today I was tempted to post about fruits on cake with what I have found from flickr. This:
photo courtesy of vinylmeister

I don't know with you if you have seen cakes like these before, but my goodness. I'd be full probably even just with a slice or two.

Anyone ever tasted this cake before? Please tell us your cravings for this.
Enjoy and Crave

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fruits on Ice Creams

I have a semi-vegetarian diet. I am fond of eating vegetables and fruits. For meat, cow or fish is enough. With deserts, its lovely to have vegetables or fruits on them too right? Even if its just the toppings or the main flavor for the dessert, it is perfect. Let us check out Ice creams or sundaes with fruits.
do not know what is this called. lol
 Honestly, I am in love with the picture above. The ice cream is simply unique from its color and from the way it has been frozen. I always wish that ice cream would be served as perfect as this. I guess this is strawberry ice cream? There is a question mark because I ain't sure. But if you can see around the ice cream, there are strawberries.
Whipped cream with fruits
 Oh yeah, this isn't an ice cream or sundae. It's a whipped cream with fruits. Look at that slice of kiwi and the strawberry. Well if you can see, there is a scoop of ice cream on top. Probably, it's mango flavored ice cream.
Yogurt with fruits
I love yogurt more than I love sundae. I believe the yogurt from the picture above is unflavored and I don't like it. However, unflavored yogurt with fruits, I mean a lot of fruits, it is no longer a plain yogurt. You know it tastes good when the juice and sweetness of the fruits blend on the yogurt. Maybe a little sour but the sweetness is still there.

This has a lot of fruits in it.
 It has cherry, kiwi, banana, pineapple and then on the other side, I can no longer what's in it. One siting and I am full with this. It has a single scoop of ice cream only, but the fruits is way more than a single scoop. I'd be full with this too. No more main dish, I'd have dessert ASAP.

Mango Ice cream
And my favorite always, Mango Ice cream. The way it is presented is simple. Served in plate and in three scoops and almost melting. I am even craving for an ice cream now because it's full bright yellow color.

How about you cravers, do you have any favorite ice cream with fruits on it?
Enjoy and Crave

Excited for Halloween?

I am not that excited for Halloween. If you have read my previous post about cakes and cupcakes inspired by Halloween, I am just jealous of the western because they get to celebrate Halloween party and prepare cakes, cupcakes and pumpkin ice cream. In this case, I am just left to wonder and daydream and of course, just let me crave for these mouth watering cakes in pictures.
Cupcakes with bats on top. I don't what is this really called aside from cupcake.
Probably the one above is a carrot cupcake and with pumpkin icing or whatever and then with frosting. I am not really sure with this but I find it cool for Halloween.

Now this is a real Halloween Cupcake. I mean the one before this is real, but this one is a perfect spooky thing.
I find the frosting so cute. Plus the eyes they have, it adds more perfection to it. Chocolate cupcake and vanilla icing. PERFECT.

How about you, what makes you excited for Halloween?
Enjoy and Crave

Monday, October 17, 2011


Julie and me in an ice cream parlor last year
I miss ice cream and dessert parlors. Last year, we often go to this local ice cream parlor 'Nothing but Desserts'. You will not like the prices, it's kind of expensive. But you will absolutely love what they serve. We love the gelato. The flavors aren't ordinary and the cakes too.

With the cakes and pastries in 'Nothing but Desserts'
All that was displayed in the parlor is just mouth watering. I have been craving for sweets this past few weeks. And if you have noticed, I have not posted anything since the last two weeks. I am busy with my new client for article writing too.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Sundae or Ice Cream?

Those that are served in cones, for me they are all ice cream. On the other hand, it was only in high school years that I was able to realize that not all of it are called ice cream. There are sundaes and gelatos, sorbet and frozen custard too. How do you differentiate sundae from ice cream?

The two are prepared and somehow made from the same ingredients. Milk, sugar, cream, fruits or other ingredients for flavor. A simple ice cream is served in cone. Like the photo below. I remember an ice cream man always on the street and his bell is ringing.
3 scoops of ice cream in cone
The first ice cream I have ever tasted was from the supermarket. It was also served in cone and that was fruit salad flavor. Later, I tried vanilla, macapuno, chocolate and cookies'n cream and more.

Cookies'n Cream flavored ice cream in cone
Sundae. I think I like sundae better than the usual ice cream. The difference is the texture. For me, sundae is more soft and melts faster in the mouth. I do not say that ordinary ice creams doesn't melt. Sundae is also a type of ice cream but unlike the ordinary ice cream, it has toppings mostly syrup glazed on top of it. Other would top some nuts and cherries, or even gummies 

Mocha and Vanilla Sundae
Strawberry and Vanilla Sundae
Look at these two following photos of ice cream yogurt and sundae served in cup. They look like candies but the candies are just on top. It adds more flavor and sweetness to the frozen desert. Additionally, it contributes to the pleasing appearance of the desert.

Sundae with gummies, jellies, m&m's, and fruits
Ice cream yogurt with sprinkles on top
The fact is, there is nothing really different from the two aside from their names and the spelling of their names. All of it are frozen deserts that makes our day brighter and cooler when the situation in our everyday lives is a little hot to handle.

What is your favorite sundae, or ice cream? Enjoy and Crave.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ice Cream for Halloween

Do you want Pumpkin Ice Cream? photo credit to AntyDiluvian
Naive as I am, always, I do want to try Pumpkin Ice Cream. I have read from various reviews and comments, that a successful pumpkin ice cream should have the taste of pumpkin, as the main ingredient. Or rather the puree or the mixture of pumpkin must taste like pumpkin because the ice cream will not taste good either.

I've also learned that this ice cream is best to pair with gingerbread. Hmmm... sounds nice. I sound so naive too.
photo credit to David_Maggie
Pumpkin Gingerbread Ice Cream from pastrystudio
If you are interested in preparing Pumpkin ice cream for Halloween, here is a recipe from David Lebovitz. I won't be sharing the recipe on my recipe section because the procedures might cover the entire page, so just feel free to visit his site. On the other hand, I found a simple recipe for this desert. Try checking the recipe section.

For the last time here is something cool to try for Halloween too, Ice cream filled Oranges. haha. Oranges are scary too..something new to do aside from carving pumpkins.
Photo courtesy of Crafty Nature
Happy Halloween. Enjoy and Crave.

Halloween Cakes and Cupcakes

We are now in the month of October. I do not live in the Western, so I am quite surprised that our Tumblr followers are excited for Halloween and we have received messages asking for any Halloween photos of cakes, cupcakes and ice creams too.

Here are our top picks for this coming Halloween.
This is quite simple. But, I should not say much because I do not know how to create something like this.
These cupcakes made me laugh. Smiling.. :)
 When I was young, most of the cakes I can see are in white or chocolate frosting only. Later, my eyes could not believe there are blue, yellow, red and orange as like this. Here from us, we do not really celebrate Halloween this sumptuous. As long as the day is peaceful, it is enough.
This is from The Cake Bar - Orange Layer Pumpkin Pie
Halloween Cupcakes. Look at these little things.. Booo!
This is one of my favorites. Simple yet cute, especially the mallows on top of it.
 Hence I do not really prepare something like this during Halloween, allow me to share all of these to you. Check the recipes section if you want the recipe for orange later pumpkin pie.
Enjoy and Crave.