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Friday, October 7, 2011

Sundae or Ice Cream?

Those that are served in cones, for me they are all ice cream. On the other hand, it was only in high school years that I was able to realize that not all of it are called ice cream. There are sundaes and gelatos, sorbet and frozen custard too. How do you differentiate sundae from ice cream?

The two are prepared and somehow made from the same ingredients. Milk, sugar, cream, fruits or other ingredients for flavor. A simple ice cream is served in cone. Like the photo below. I remember an ice cream man always on the street and his bell is ringing.
3 scoops of ice cream in cone
The first ice cream I have ever tasted was from the supermarket. It was also served in cone and that was fruit salad flavor. Later, I tried vanilla, macapuno, chocolate and cookies'n cream and more.

Cookies'n Cream flavored ice cream in cone
Sundae. I think I like sundae better than the usual ice cream. The difference is the texture. For me, sundae is more soft and melts faster in the mouth. I do not say that ordinary ice creams doesn't melt. Sundae is also a type of ice cream but unlike the ordinary ice cream, it has toppings mostly syrup glazed on top of it. Other would top some nuts and cherries, or even gummies 

Mocha and Vanilla Sundae
Strawberry and Vanilla Sundae
Look at these two following photos of ice cream yogurt and sundae served in cup. They look like candies but the candies are just on top. It adds more flavor and sweetness to the frozen desert. Additionally, it contributes to the pleasing appearance of the desert.

Sundae with gummies, jellies, m&m's, and fruits
Ice cream yogurt with sprinkles on top
The fact is, there is nothing really different from the two aside from their names and the spelling of their names. All of it are frozen deserts that makes our day brighter and cooler when the situation in our everyday lives is a little hot to handle.

What is your favorite sundae, or ice cream? Enjoy and Crave.


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