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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fruits on Ice Creams

I have a semi-vegetarian diet. I am fond of eating vegetables and fruits. For meat, cow or fish is enough. With deserts, its lovely to have vegetables or fruits on them too right? Even if its just the toppings or the main flavor for the dessert, it is perfect. Let us check out Ice creams or sundaes with fruits.
do not know what is this called. lol
 Honestly, I am in love with the picture above. The ice cream is simply unique from its color and from the way it has been frozen. I always wish that ice cream would be served as perfect as this. I guess this is strawberry ice cream? There is a question mark because I ain't sure. But if you can see around the ice cream, there are strawberries.
Whipped cream with fruits
 Oh yeah, this isn't an ice cream or sundae. It's a whipped cream with fruits. Look at that slice of kiwi and the strawberry. Well if you can see, there is a scoop of ice cream on top. Probably, it's mango flavored ice cream.
Yogurt with fruits
I love yogurt more than I love sundae. I believe the yogurt from the picture above is unflavored and I don't like it. However, unflavored yogurt with fruits, I mean a lot of fruits, it is no longer a plain yogurt. You know it tastes good when the juice and sweetness of the fruits blend on the yogurt. Maybe a little sour but the sweetness is still there.

This has a lot of fruits in it.
 It has cherry, kiwi, banana, pineapple and then on the other side, I can no longer what's in it. One siting and I am full with this. It has a single scoop of ice cream only, but the fruits is way more than a single scoop. I'd be full with this too. No more main dish, I'd have dessert ASAP.

Mango Ice cream
And my favorite always, Mango Ice cream. The way it is presented is simple. Served in plate and in three scoops and almost melting. I am even craving for an ice cream now because it's full bright yellow color.

How about you cravers, do you have any favorite ice cream with fruits on it?
Enjoy and Crave


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