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About the Author

Hello everyone my name is Kim and I am the main author of this blog site. I am not a graduate of culinary arts or cooking management program/course, but I do love to bake, cook and prepare for special occasions. Here are the FAQ's of me and of the blog. Excuse me for any errors in grammar or with my English.

So if you did not took Culinary Arts as a course in college, what did you concentrate with?
I have no regrets with what I studied in college. I graduated with Bachelors Degree in Secondary Education majoring in English. As all say, Teaching is a noble profession. Again, I have no regrets about it. It's just that this is not yet the right time for me to teach.

Ice cream for a warm day
What pushed you to make this blog?
I already have a tumblr blog that also features Cakes and Ice Creams. I figured out that it might be good to bring the cakes and ice creams photos I have in file to be shared in blogger world. Aside from that, I am really a buff for cake and ice cream. There are only few deserts that I love in this world and the two are counted.

Do you also photograph the cakes and ice creams you eat?
Yes, I do. I am really into photography. I am a frustrated photographer I may say. Almost everything I eat, before I can take a bite I open my camera first and take a picture of it. From the appetizer, to the main course, desert and drink.

What inspired you to start blogging?
I have been into blogging before I even worked in a SEO company. I managed 2 blogs, personal, before I was into various types of blogs then. Inspiration? I can't think of anything in particular. My only goal for this blog is to share what I have. [I believe that does not answer your question.]

Blogging FAQ's

Where do you get the photos you post here?
I swear the photos aren't mine. Even before I have a laptop, I am already fond of saving pictures on computer and compile all of it in an album. So basically, these are not mine and was just grabbed from other sites. You can also find these photos from,, or from More photos can actually be found from Google, Yahoo and Facebook. But I am more particular with the cakes and ice creams rather than with the quality of the photos I find.

What are the cakes and ice creams do you post?
I am not specific with what I post. As long as it is a cake or ice cream, it is here. I also have cupcakes and ice cream cakes on file, so you will see most of them in here too. Doughnuts, they are counted as well. For the designs of the cake, it does not really matter to me. Ice cream flavors, plain, or mixed or unusual, you can find it in here too.

Do you have favorite blogs too?
Of course I do. Just like any other bloggers, I praise and look up to successful baker bloggers, cake bloggers, or any food bloggers. Mine is not really into dieting or specifically into making cakes or ice creams, but I love how they keep their blogs alive with their posts more often. Here, check out the link of Tina who is one of my inspirations to pursue in making this blog alive.

Are you open for guest post?
 I can accept guest posting. However, you will not be gaining anything from it. I mean I don't earn from this aside from my Google Adsense but for you to earn some extra dollars, it isn't possible in here. If you want me to link your work back to your site, then it is possible.

Why don't you post some recipes?
ugh. That's really impossible for me to post a recipe of my own. I even don't know how these cakes and ice creams were made aside from the ingredients. Well hopefully, I can create a tab where I can group all the cakes and ice creams with recipes. As you know, these are not mine and I only save pictures. I still need to ask permission too from the owners and original makers of cakes and ice creams to reblog the recipes and their works.

My photo is in your site. You stole it?
If you think I stole it, then go ahead. For me, I didn't stole anything from you. I am innocent. If it hurts your heart for your photos taken without any permission, I AM SORRY. [and that is sincere by the way]  Some people won't actually feel the way that you feel, but on the other hand be pleased that other people recognize their photos or site. Just give send me your information for me to credit you back with the photos you own appearing on our page.