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About Us

This blog is mainly for your sweet tooth. Everyone has that sweet desert that we crave for and that includes cake and ice cream. This is not a business site or blog. We purposely built this to share the cakes and ice creams photos and flavors and designs we see from the web. Yes, there are cakes and ice creams in your area. But, wouldn't you like to share it to other people who are not yet aware or familiar with that?

Deserts are more on sugar and most of them are made of dairy products. No offense to those who are suffering from lactose intolerance, or those who are allergic to dairy products, these stuffs you find here aren't for you. You do not have to worry anyway. We will be updating the site to provide relevant searches and cakes and ice creams that you can safely prepare for your health.

We will have vegan cakes and ice creams too. Plus, unusual cake designs and ice cream flavors will be welcomed here too. We are just the place that you are looking for, for all of your cakes and ice creams need.

Go ahead and let your sweet tooth crave.

It is best to give than to receive. That's why we are open for any suggestions and submissions. Visit the contact page and we will be happy to serve you.

If you are the owner for some photos we have on this page, please leave us a message and let us know if you would like them to be deleted. If you would like to be credited, we can also do that. Please don't hesitate. We are friendly and we are willing to coordinate with you. Thank you again sweetheart!