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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ice Cream for Halloween

Do you want Pumpkin Ice Cream? photo credit to AntyDiluvian
Naive as I am, always, I do want to try Pumpkin Ice Cream. I have read from various reviews and comments, that a successful pumpkin ice cream should have the taste of pumpkin, as the main ingredient. Or rather the puree or the mixture of pumpkin must taste like pumpkin because the ice cream will not taste good either.

I've also learned that this ice cream is best to pair with gingerbread. Hmmm... sounds nice. I sound so naive too.
photo credit to David_Maggie
Pumpkin Gingerbread Ice Cream from pastrystudio
If you are interested in preparing Pumpkin ice cream for Halloween, here is a recipe from David Lebovitz. I won't be sharing the recipe on my recipe section because the procedures might cover the entire page, so just feel free to visit his site. On the other hand, I found a simple recipe for this desert. Try checking the recipe section.

For the last time here is something cool to try for Halloween too, Ice cream filled Oranges. haha. Oranges are scary too..something new to do aside from carving pumpkins.
Photo courtesy of Crafty Nature
Happy Halloween. Enjoy and Crave.


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