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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Excited for Halloween?

I am not that excited for Halloween. If you have read my previous post about cakes and cupcakes inspired by Halloween, I am just jealous of the western because they get to celebrate Halloween party and prepare cakes, cupcakes and pumpkin ice cream. In this case, I am just left to wonder and daydream and of course, just let me crave for these mouth watering cakes in pictures.
Cupcakes with bats on top. I don't what is this really called aside from cupcake.
Probably the one above is a carrot cupcake and with pumpkin icing or whatever and then with frosting. I am not really sure with this but I find it cool for Halloween.

Now this is a real Halloween Cupcake. I mean the one before this is real, but this one is a perfect spooky thing.
I find the frosting so cute. Plus the eyes they have, it adds more perfection to it. Chocolate cupcake and vanilla icing. PERFECT.

How about you, what makes you excited for Halloween?
Enjoy and Crave


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