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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pastries VS Cakes and Cupcakes

Are you a fan of pastries or tarts? If you are, can you give a little idea on what you like about it? How about with tarts?

Pastry, as defined from Wikipedia, is the name given to various baked products. So does it include cupcakes and cakes? The ingredients include flour, sugar, milk, eggs, butter/shortening, and more. Sounds like making a cake or cupcake too. One thing to take note and differs pastries from cakes and cupcakes is there size. Cupcakes, as from its name is a small cake in a cup. Cakes are big or in medium size of course. There are also various sizes and definitions of pastry.
Pastries sold in France. I got this from, its a travel blog.

Sweet tarts with few toppings of miniature slices of fruits.
 Sometimes I even have misconceptions with tarts and cupcakes. The photo below are tarts and I feel stupid sometimes for calling them cupcakes, when they are not served in cups. lol

Tarts, or referred to as Choux pastry. Light pastry and filled with cream or topped with chocolate.
Cupcakes, I have no problem determining them. As long as they are prepared in an aluminum cups or thin foil, I know its a cupcake.

Cupcakes. These mini cakes were inspired from the creators farm, probably. Look a the cow, ducks and the pig. Lovely.
Campfire Cupcakes, I got this from tumblr. A fellow blogger allowed me to share few of her creations and this one is just the first. You can visit her page @ Cinnamon Streusel.
Now this is deserves to be called Cupcakes. lol.
 The last photo, I do not know who created it. I've first seen it from Tumblr and I was surprised. For the recipes of tarts and cupcakes, visit our recipes section.

Enjoy and Crave.


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