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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ice Cream in Cone: For Kids Only?

How do you like your ice cream to be served? In cone, in cups, pots or in a bowl? However is the ice cream served, I would still go for it. I have shared a few pictures of ice cream in cones before, cones are made from wafer just like with waffle. There are kiddie cones, kiddie cup, big cones or giant cones and my favorite, sugarcones.

Display of ice creams in various types of cones.
Do you know who was the first person to make an ice cream cone? Neither do I. But as I have researched online, edible cones first existed in Europe during the World Fair in 1904. Later, it was introduced in America during the Saint Louis World's Fair.

Ice creams in cone
 Today, more variations of ice cream cones are available in the market. Sometimes I even have a hard time to think what cone I'd like mine to be served. Albeit sugarcone is my favorite, I still go with the giant cone.

Ice creams in cone, placed in rack

 Ice cream in cones are not only for kids. I always see kids going crazy and display tantrums when they can't have ice cream. I even notice that they won't accept the ice cream unless served in cone. Oh boy, it's hard to raise kids. Something just came to my mind. So, yeah. Ice cream in cones are also for young adults like me. Or even to senior citizens. It has been a usual way to serve ice cream.


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